Today is Surgery. The Plan

Update.  I typed this earlier.  At this moment, Mason has been in surgery for 5 hours and they have updated that he is **off** bypass and should be finishing up within the hour ... Continue Reading

We have a surgery date


I've been stressing about finding out Mason's surgery date.  My mind has been reeling with all the things I would need to do to prepare for the date.  I got the call today and the date is sooner than ... Continue Reading

The cath, The Results, My Thoughts on it All

20140309_180209 (1)

Mason had his heart cath this past Monday, March 10.  We have been able to tell that his heart function has decreased by his tolerance for active play, intolerance to heat, and often-mottled skin.  I ... Continue Reading

Time for some updates


I have been meaning to blog but I've gotten frustrated each time I come to wordpress because it's not letting me upload pictures.  Why is that?  Anyone? My pregnancy is going well, so far!  I'll be ... Continue Reading

Ahhh, The Plot Thickens


So, there's been a minor development in the pregnancy that I just haven't felt like talking about.  However, I've always vowed to be transparent and open, so I'll share. We had our first ultrasound ... Continue Reading

You know that Dark place?

2013-11-21 10.05.43

You know that dark place we all have?  I've drifted into mine so I need to "talk it out" so I can put my big girl britches back on. While we have known a 3rd open heart surgery was a possibility, ... Continue Reading

What is happening this week

2013-11-11 15.54.31

    The next two days are going to be busy and I'm anxious for answers! Tomorrow (Wed), we finally get to see the Endocrinologist (I say 'finally' because it just seems like time ... Continue Reading

A Common Statement I Disagree With


  "As long as it's healthy"  Meh.  Healthy is overrated.  I think of all the joy Mason has brought us and I can't imagine giving any of it back. I think I prefer to say, "As long as it's ... Continue Reading

We’re home from hospital… with some news.

Mason said we weren't relaxing in a hospital bed.  Instead, he rode a tricycle through the hall for an hour, lol

  We are home from the hospital!!!!  Mason was started back on his propranolol (a beta blocker) and did not have any more hypoglycemia episodes. We spoke to cardiology and they feel like ... Continue Reading

We’re in the hospital :(

This was taken Saturday afternoon.  There was no indication very scary times were ahead.

Where to start???  This is the first time I've been at my home in nearly two days.  I'm going to try and make my mush-mind work to go over what all has happened. I'm not sure I've ever mentioned it ... Continue Reading

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